Gummy Drop

Gummy Drop

A match-3 puzzle that lets you play a lot of different levels
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Gummy Drop is a typical match-3 puzzle game created especially for casual players looking for a rather relaxing way of spending some free time. This game is really simple and easy, even at higher levels, and it will hardly pose a challenge, even to the most unskilled players out there. Its purpose is obviously to be simple and relaxing. The gameplay follows the classical match-3 guidelines: the players have to match at least 3 elements of the same color, by swapping their positions on the board, in order to make those elements disappear and gain points.

Its visuals are simple yet colorful. Children will surely enjoy it. They'll also have the chance to learn a little bit of geography, as by completing levels you get to move from city to city. Anyway, the city-related aspects are pretty much reflected only in the background image of the puzzle board.

There are also a couple of boosts and power ups meant to spice things up and make the game less tedious and boring. If they succeed at that, it's hard to tell. I only feel safe to say that the fact that this game is provided for free is a quite important advantage, as otherwise it would just be yet another colorful match-3 puzzle that brings nothing new. But since it's free, it's a bit more appealing than the other similar match-3 puzzle games that come with a price.

Margie Smeer
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  • Colorful visuals.
  • Free.
  • Includes a lot of levels.
  • Includes some power ups.
  • Suitable for children


  • Too easy, hardly poses any challenge, even at higher levels.
  • Typical match-3 puzzle game with insignificant (if any) innovative elements
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